Private Investigators in Columbia, SC

Whether you are a law firm or individual, Columbia, SC private investigators can assist you with your case. They know how to save you time and money while solving your problems. They also have experience in a variety of different areas, from child custody investigations to infidelity cases.

What qualifications do you need to become a private investigator?

Private investigators must meet certain criteria, including having a criminal background check. They also need to be licensed in the state they want to work in. Typically, they must have at least three years of paid investigative experience, as well as be a registered employee of a private investigator business.

The majority of private investigators columbia sc, SC are sworn police officers, though there are also many independent agencies. These firms are dedicated to helping people when they need it most. In addition to assisting individuals, they also specialize in helping businesses solve a variety of issues.

A private investigator in Columbia, SC can also assist with alimony reductions and child custody cases. In addition, they may be available to testify in court. Depending on the type of investigation, the services can be as inexpensive as $300 to $3000. These rates may also include mileage, report writing, and travel.

Many private investigation firms have a “flat rate” for subject screening, although some have a fee for each case. Most work with law firms and insurance agencies, and the hourly rate typically includes travel and report writing.

Stillinger Investigations has been a leading private investigation firm in Columbia, SC since 1991. Their services include a variety of areas, including criminal defense, cell phone investigations, civil litigation support, child custody investigations, infidelity investigations, and GPS tracking. They also offer state-of-the-art forensics experience in their on-site laboratory.