Gardening Edging Systems

I recently saw my neighbor using this in his backyard and I loved it creates an elegant transition between your garden beds and the rest of the lawn. It also helps keep grass and weeds from invading your planting areas, while also helping to guide water flow, which is especially important in regions struggling with water scarcity.

While there is no one-size-fits-all edging solution, choosing a durable, long-lasting material that fits your overall landscape design will help you achieve the best results. The most popular choices are wood, metal, and plastic.

Steel edging is very common and often used by professional designers (it can be seen in many of the gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show). This durable, long-lasting option comes in a variety of colors and finishes including black, green, brown, and unpainted corten steel that starts out gray and weathers to a rusty patina. Corten steel edging is especially attractive in modern garden designs and complements the natural, earthy hues of Southwestern landscape designs.

Step-by-Step Edging: A DIY Guide to Enhancing Your Garden

Wood garden edging is another affordable, low-maintenance option that adds a lovely look to garden beds. It comes in several styles and shapes, such as simple timber sleepers sunk into the sides of straight beds or staggered half-log designs that provide a more natural look. Wood edging is available in pressure-treated options that guard against termites and fungus and can be painted or stained to match your landscape.

Composite edging is made from a combination of recycled and natural materials, such as wood fibers and plastic, and can be installed without digging a trench. It is also resistant to rot, fungus, and insect damage. It is available in a range of colors and lengths and is easily installed by simply pushing it into the soil.

Timbur Bedroom Collections

Make your Timbur Bedroom Collections feel restful, wholesome and stylish with our collection of Amish-crafted wood beds, nightstands, dressers and more. With pieces available in king, queen and twin sizes, you’ll find bedroom sets to match any design style including rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary.

Our reclaimed oak bedroom set brings rustic charm to your space with a beautiful brushed gray finish and pewter hardware. The reclaimed oak planks are each unique with their own natural character and grain pattern. The rubbed surface is highlighted with hand-applied stain to give it depth and dimension.

If you’re looking for a rustic-style bed with storage, look no further than our Timber Frame bedroom set. This Amish-crafted pine bedroom set is rough cut to showcase saw marks and squared off for a refined yet rustic look, and it comes in a variety of wood finishes.

Bedroom Bliss: The Aesthetic Appeal of Timbur’s Collections

When you purchase a complete bedroom furniture set, you’ll save money on shipping and receive the matched stains all at once. You’ll also get a better discount than if you were to order each piece separately from our store, and you won’t have to worry about getting the right size mattress or transporting them home yourself.

Our bedroom storage chest collection has the perfect piece to meet any needs for extra bed linens, clothing and other bedroom accessories. Choose from traditional dresser/mirror combos, armoires, mule chests and more. We even have stylish bedroom benches that sit at the foot of your bed and can be used for seating or additional storage.

Damp Proofing Birmingham

Birmingham has to cope with a significant amount of rain each year. This often leads to a variety of damp problems within homes and buildings. Amongst the most serious of these is dry rot which can have devastating effects on structures and lead to a loss of property value if left untreated.learn more about Birmingham damp specialists

How much does damp treatment cost ?

Damp proofing birmingham is the process of inspecting and implementing solutions to prevent damp problems from occurring within properties. The most common type of damp problem in a home is rising damp which occurs when the walls of a building absorb moisture from the ground and spread it throughout the structure. This can cause damage to brickwork and wallpaper as well as causing timbers to decay.

Luckily, the majority of newer homes built have damp proof courses which are designed to stop this from happening. However, older properties may not have this or their damp proof course might be damaged allowing water to rise through the wall of the house. In these cases, a damp proof injection solution is usually recommended. This is a cream that is injected into holes drilled evenly along the mortar joint. Once the damp proof injection cream has cured it forms a barrier that stops moisture from passing through the wall.

It is a good idea for homeowners considering selling their properties to have an independent damp survey and report carried out before they put the property on the market. This way if the damp survey highlights rising damp, woodworm or timber decay it can be fixed prior to exchanging contracts avoiding any last minute issues.