The ARC Model of Trauma Therapy

ARC model

The ARC model is an effective framework to guide therapy for children and their caregivers who have been impacted by trauma. Its core targets of attachment, regulation, and competency encourage therapists to foster trust and build a healthy therapeutic relationship. Strengthening these relationships allows for better emotional regulation and coping in stressful situations, as well as building self-regulation skills to help children cope with their experiences. This results in greater adaptive functioning and future resiliency, as well as stronger and more stable relationships with caregivers.

Research supports that the three core needs of ARC are essential for learning, development, and well-being. While Deci and Ryan chose a more specific set of needs for their ARC framework than Maslow’s hierarchy (autonomy, competence, and relatedness) for practical reasons, there are a number of theoretical arguments to support their choice.

The Power of Attention Mechanisms in ARC: Exploring the Key Concepts

For example, the ARC theory of motivation (Keller, 1987a) suggests that learners are motivated to learn when they have a sense of relevance, confidence, and satisfaction with their learning experience. This can be activated through extrinsic rewards such as praise and feedback, but also intrinsically by engaging in tasks that they enjoy or have a high level of interest in.

The ARC model is applied across multiple systems including schools, mental health clinics, residential treatment programs, juvenile justice and child welfare systems, and foster care training programs. Often, children with trauma symptoms are involved with multiple service systems and the mapping of CANS to ARC helps to ensure that all professionals are aware of the child’s symptomatology and working together to best support their needs.

IV Therapy

IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a medical treatment used to provide fluids when you’re dehydrated, to deliver medication that can’t be taken by mouth and for other treatments. For example, you might receive IV hydration or antibiotics in cases of excessive bleeding or severe infection.

IVs can also be administered to help prevent and treat chronic conditions. For instance, patients with chronic migraines often get IV hydration for relief. In addition, IV hydration can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. IVs can also be used to treat a wide range of respiratory infections, bacterial skin infections and gastrointestinal problems.

Drip by Drip: Exploring the Benefits and Science Behind IV Therapy

In addition to hydration, IV therapy can be used to give the body specific vitamins and nutrients. For example, vitamin C helps increase your energy levels, while calcium supports healthy bones and arginine boosts blood flow to the heart and muscles. IV therapy can also lower your toxic load by flushing out harmful free radicals that can cause premature aging and disease.

Many people who are not in need of emergency care can now access IVs outside of hospitals and intensive care units at so-called “drip bars” or private clinics. In general, these facilities are open to the public and don’t require a prescription, although consulting with your doctor is a good idea.

Drip bars offer IVs with different vitamins and electrolytes for a variety of purposes, including weight loss (although they won’t replace a healthy diet or exercise), jet lag, hangover symptoms, fatigue and menstrual cramps. Most IV packages include a saline solution, which is made up of water and sodium chloride, and dextrose, a type of sugar your body converts to energy.

Best Weight Loss Female Supplements

If a balanced diet and rigorous exercise program don’t work for you, it may be time to try weight loss supplements. We’ve compiled a list of the best supplements for women based on ingredients, price, and customer feedback. These supplements boost metabolism and suppress appetite to help you lose more weight faster. They also increase energy and speed recovery after a workout. Whether you’re an ex-athlete trying to get back into shape or a woman who needs help with her weight, these supplements will make the difference.

Which vitamin is good for fat loss?

The best diet pills for women are made with natural ingredients and are third-party tested for quality. They contain a variety of fat-burning ingredients, such as glucomannan and griffonia extract to increase your feeling of fullness, and green tea extract to suppress your appetite and burn calories. The supplements also include calcium and zinc, which reduce fatigue and improve muscle contraction. The supplements are also made with magnesium, a mineral that promotes fat-burning and lowers blood sugar levels.

The most effective weight loss supplements for women are those that boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. They also promote lean body mass, which helps you maintain a healthy weight. These supplements also contain a blend of ingredients to reduce insulin resistance. These supplements are especially good for perimenopausal and post-menopausal women because they help prevent hormone-related fat accumulation. They also increase adiponectin, which helps prevent weight gain and lowers blood sugar levels.

Finding a Medical Marijuana Doctor Near Me

Almost every state has a list of conditions that qualify for medical marijuana. Some states have expanded the list to allow doctors to recommend cannabis based on their clinical judgment. It is important that you speak with a licensed practitioner and determine if your condition qualifies and whether cannabis will be beneficial for you.

What is the age limit for Marijuanas legalized ?

If your doctor has never written a medical marijuana doctor near me recommendation or doesn’t know how to properly evaluate you for cannabis, it may be difficult to get the treatment you deserve. A qualified medical marijuana doctor can help you receive the most effective and safest treatment for your condition with a medical cannabis card that will be recognized by all dispensaries across the state.

In order to get a medical marijuana card, you must be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition by a health care provider who has been registered in the New York Medical Marijuana Program. The healthcare practitioner must complete a written certification form and submit it to the State for review and approval. Patients must also provide proof of residency by providing a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID and submit to a criminal background check.

The process of getting a medical marijuana evaluation used to be complicated and time consuming. But with the help of a qualified medical marijuana physician, like the ones at Green Health Docs, it is now much easier to obtain a legal and valid medical marijuana card. To get started, click here to start your medical marijuana evaluation online with NuggMD—the nation’s leading telemedicine provider for medical marijuana evaluations. They’ve helped over 50,000 California patients and are now expanding their services to all 50 states.

Joint Supplements For Women


joint supplements for women

Using Best Supplement For Joints for women can help alleviate the pain in the joints. They contain ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation and promote the growth of new collagen in damaged joints. However, women should first seek the advice of a doctor before starting any type of supplement. A doctor can determine the right dosage of joint supplements for women and recommend other treatments for arthritis.

What you should know about best joint supplement? 

The best joint supplements for women contain a blend of ingredients. Chondroitin sulfate is an important component. This compound is necessary for healthy cartilage, which helps the body heal from injury. Chondroitin sulfate is another important ingredient, and it can aid in the development of collagen. MSM is another ingredient that helps produce collagen.

Boswellia extract has been shown to reduce inflammation and promote joint comfort. It contains boswellic acid, which helps the body fight off free radicals and fights pain. Boswellia extract is also found in many herbal products and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. It may also improve the health of bones and muscles.

While some women may prefer to take herbal supplements for joint pain, it is important to find a supplement that contains clinically proven ingredients. Bromelain, for example, is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help women overcome joint pain. It is also non-toxic and does not cause any serious side effects.