Motorcycle Exhaust Gas Analyzer

An exhaust gas analyzer measures the composition of combustion gases to help diagnose engine problems. Typically Motorcycle exhaust gas analyzer checks for Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2), and Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

What 5 gases can be Analysed by a exhaust gas analyser?

These analyzers are often used by automotive repair shops and authorized SMOG inspection stations to help ensure that vehicles meet emissions standards. They are also popular with powersports repair shops and enthusiasts for troubleshooting and tuning their engines.

Most of the Nova analyzers come in a sturdy suitcase-type enclosure that is weather-proof when closed. They can be used in the shop or taken on the road and they are powered by internal rechargeable batteries or the 12VDC power outlet of most vehicles. Some models include a high range CO measurement from 0-10,000 ppm to measure small effects of fuel additives and other mechanical / chemical inputs to already efficient engine designs.

A common use for a motorcycle exhaust gas analyzer is checking for misfire or lean mixture issues with carburetor equipped engines. Using a small probe to suck air into the unit and then comparing the results with a chart on the display can indicate ignition timing or fuel system issues. For example, a high HC reading accompanied by low CO readings indicates that the fuel system isn’t supporting combustion and can be corrected by opening the throttle slightly and adding more fuel or by adjusting the choke on older carburetors. In contrast, a low CO reading with a high HC reading may be caused by a leaking head gasket that requires the replacement of the engine head or other serious repairs.

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