Create a Relaxing Outdoor Area With Terraced Seating

Terraced seating is a great way to create a relaxing outdoor seating area. The use of a variety of seats and benches gives your space a diverse feel that allows people to find their ideal spot. The addition of awnings also provides protection from the afternoon sun and can be adjusted as needed.

Terraces were a common feature at many British football stadiums, and they allowed clubs to seat a greater number of fans in more compact areas. Unfortunately, terracing was often associated with crowd violence and the Hillsborough disaster saw 96 Liverpool fans crushed to death in the central pens of the stadium. This led to Taylor LJ’s recommendation that all major stadia should become all-seater.

The Versatility of Terraced Seating: Ideal for Various Venues

The ban on terraces has been relaxed somewhat, however. Rugby league ground Langtree Park still has a terrace, and the headquarters of gaelic sports in Croke Park is made up of terraces (Hill 16 in particular). Irish stadia are also not subject to the same level of crowd segregation as their UK counterparts, and evidence from other sports shows that if properly managed terraces can be safe.

A good place to start when designing a terraced seating area is to consider the intended program of the space. If you want your terrace to be used for dining, a bistro set with stools will work well. If you want your terrace to have a lounge atmosphere, then a modular daybed can be used.

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