Manosque Heat Pump


Pompe a chaleur Manosque works a lot like a central air conditioner. It has an outdoor unit that has aluminum fins and coils to release or collect heat, and an indoor unit with a blower that circulates warm or cool air into ducts throughout your home. The units are connected by a refrigerant line that contains the fluid that transports heat between them. The heat pump also has a compressor that compresses the refrigerant and a valve that switches back and forth between heating and cooling.


This town and commune in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department is known as the birthplace of Jean Giono. Its history is marked by the events that took place there and by its rich heritage of buildings, fountains, works of art and cultural structures.

Our Lady of Romigier Church

The silver bust on the facade of the building in the heart of the city, classified as a historical monument since 1909, depicts the founder of the Hospitaller order, Gerard Tenque, who died in 1120. However, this bust was originally part of a reliquary containing bones that local tradition attributed to the saint. More recent studies have shown that the relics were most likely those of Saint-Geraud, venerated in Manosque for making rain.

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