EV Bays Markings – Addressing Accessibility Issues

ev bays

Ev bays more and more drivers choose to switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the demand for ev bays is rising across the UK. However, the new infrastructure still has its challenges when it comes to accessibility.

The first issue is that it can be difficult for drivers to locate EV charging bays within car parks. Often these are far outnumbered by parking spaces for combustion engine vehicles. This makes it frustrating for EV drivers who need to top up their battery and can’t find a space.

Charging the Future: The Role and Design of EV Bays

It’s also important to highlight that drivers can only park in a bay designated for EV charging when their vehicle is plugged in and recharging. Many EV networks even charge an idle fee for vehicles left unattended in a charger bay, so it’s vital that drivers vacate the space as soon as their recharging is complete.

One of the ways to address these issues is to ensure that EV charging bays are clearly marked. Our ArmourLine range of permanent markings are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including tarmac and concrete. They can be installed on both existing and newly paved areas, and are highly durable against weathering, ponding water and chemicals, such as petrol, diesel, brake fluid, oil, de-icing and battery acid. We can produce bespoke EV bay markings, so contact us today to receive your customised quote. Our products are backed by the ArmourLine quality assurance mark, so you can be sure you’re receiving a tried and tested solution for your site.

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