Air Duct Cleaning Equipment For Sale

If you’re a professional carpet cleaner, HVAC contractor, or other service oriented business owner who wants to expand your sales opportunities, adding air duct cleaning equipment to your equipment inventory may be the perfect opportunity. Duct cleaning is a highly profitable service that doesn’t require a large investment to get your foot in the door.

Getting Started With Air Duct Cleaners

When hiring a air duct cleaning equipment for sale | TMF Store, it’s important to choose a company that offers reputable customer service. It’s also helpful to find out how the company will communicate with homeowners, and whether they offer online scheduling options.

Where to Find Quality Air Duct Cleaning Equipment for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide

Before the duct cleaning process begins, a specialist will usually perform an inspection to assess the condition of a home’s ductwork. This is a time-consuming step, but it allows a technician to understand exactly how they’ll approach the job.

They’ll typically attach a large vacuum device to one of the ducts, seal all registers, and then turn on the vacuum to create negative pressure throughout the system. This is necessary to pull dirt and dust out of the vents as they clean them.

Then, the duct cleaning specialist will use a series of brushes to scrub stuck-on dust and debris from the walls of each vent. They’ll also use tools like blowguns and air whips to agitate and loosen stuck-on debris in the ducts’ interior surfaces.

NIKRO’s line of air duct cleaning machines include a variety of styles and capacities to suit your specific needs. They’re available in electric and gas-powered models with HEPA filtration that removes airborne contaminants.

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